Gynecological Cancer Center

  • We will take responsibility for health as a woman’s eternal companion


    The Gynecological Cancer Center diagnoses and treats malignant tumors that occur in the female reproductive organs, such as the uterus and ovaries.
    Since the initial symptoms are not clear, early detection is difficult, and even if treated well, the recurrence rate is high, so continuous management is required for a lifetime.
    Most gynecological cancers are treated with surgery, but depending on the condition, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, multiple treatments through multidisciplinary collaboration are required, so sufficient discussion with the patient and family is necessary.
    Therefore, the medical staff, patients and their families communicate with each other during the treatment process and take a careful approach in determining the treatment direction.

    Medical Fields

    Endometrial cnacer
    Cervical cancer
    Ovarian cancer
    Familial genetic cancer screening and counseling


    A multidisciplinary cancer doctor system with rich clinical experience

    -Composed of cancer specialists such as obstetrics and gynecology, oncology and hematology, radiology, radiation oncology, and pathology with specialized knowledge and abundant clinical experience

    Familial genetic cancer screening and counseling

    -Priority is also given to prevention and management through screening and counseling for familial genetic cancer.

    Early diagnosis through detailed examination

    -Perform sophisticated examination and diagnosis for early detection of disease.

    Operation of the Oriental Medicine Cooperative Clinic

    -We provide more comfortable medical services for pain relief through the operation of the western oriental medicine cooperative clinic.

    Long-term preservation is the top priority

    -Preservation of fertility by long-term preservation through precision surgery for each patient's case is the top priority.

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