Medical Equipments

  • MRI

    MAGNETOM Vida Version 11

    • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Equipment Magnetome Vida 11 Version with Biomatrix Technology
    • Minimize imaging test time, draw images at once without restriction of breathing, expand application area to spine and heart
    • - Examination area
    • Brain, musculoskeletal system, abdomen (liver, heart, kidney, etc.), blood vessels, breast MRI
  • CT

    Computed Tomography: CT

    • A method to obtain a cross-section of a desired part in the human body by transmitting X-rays through the human body from various angles to obtain a three-dimensional image of each part of the body
    • Brain, musculoskeletal system, abdomen (liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, etc.), blood vessels
  • PET-CT


    • Early detection of various cancers and diagnosis of metastasis.
    • Early diagnosis of dementia and Parkinson's disease
  • Gamma Knife

    • Is used for treatment such as brain tumor, skull base surgery, pituitary tumor, stroke, ischemic cerebrovascular disease, cerebral aneurysm, degenerative spine disease, traumatic spine disease, osteoporosis, minimally invasive spine surgery, nerve pain intervention, nerve block, neuroplasty used for back treatment

    • To maximize the effect of chemotherapy, radiosurgery is performed along with radiation therapy.
    • Applied to lung cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer, gynecological cancer, rectal cancer, genitourinary cancer, liver cancer, pancreatic biliary tract cancer, esophageal cancer, cerebrospinal tumor, skin cancer, musculoskeletal cancer, etc.
  • Robotic Surgery Da Vinci Si

    Da Vinci Si

    • A laparoscopic/endoscopic surgery method in which a robot, a state-of-the-art surgical instrument, is mounted on the patient and the operator remotely controls it.
    • - Examination area
    • Applied to stomach cancer, thyroid cancer, colorectal cancer, rectal cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer
  • NGS(Next Generation Sequences)

    Oncomie Comprehensive Assay V3

    • Next-generation sequencing kit that can analyze 161 genes simultaneously
    • Helping patients find the right anticancer drug more quickly and accurately
  • Angiography


    • A test in which a contrast agent is used to directly observe blood vessels to detect abnormalities in blood vessels.
    • - Examination area
    • Blood vessel examination (brain, abdominal blood vessels, etc.)

    • Early examination of metabolism and function of various organs
    • Scan of BONE, KIDNEY, BRAIN, HEART, SALIVARY, THYROID and all other organs

    • Bone density test for osteoporosis diagnosis
  • Korean Medicine laboratory

    • In modern Korean medicine, more objective and quantified data are used for clinical examination and diagnosis by using the ‘biofunction medicine test tool’, which is represented by autonomic nerve function test.
  • Dental hospital small operating room and day ward

    • Small operating room and day ward for patients who need invasive surgery, pediatric and disabled patients, and patients who do not need hospitalization due to minor surgery
  • Dental Comprehensive Examination Center

    • Korea’s first blockchain-based dental comprehensive examination center
      • STEP 01

        Basic dental and periodontal-related examinations

      • STEP 02

        Inspection for temporomandibular joint and oral diseases

      • STEP 03

        Oral cancer screening

      • STEP 04

        Morocclusion and dynamic oral function tests

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