• Inpatient Procedure

    • STEP 01

      Admission required

    • STEP 02

      Global Healthcare Center

      - Fill in the admission reservation and admission documents

      - Submit foreign insurance card and listen to information on hospitalization

    • STEP 03


  • Preparation for hospitalization

    • If you wish, prepare necessary items for hospitalization in advance (water bottle, cup, slippers, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, tissue paper), and you own underwear.
  • Admission

    • - Admission Procedure
    • - It is carried out in the admission procedure part of the Admissions Department. Global Healthcare Center staff will assist you.
    • - Fill out the admission agreement.
    • - You will be assigned a ward and receive an admission bracelet. (It is made for accurate patient identification when using the elevator and while entering through the sliding doors.)
    • - Submit a prior performed COVID test result sheet.
  • Upon admission

    • - Global Healthcare Center staffs are available to assist patients with their needs.
    • - Submit the admission decision to the nurse’s office.
    • - Enter the ward according to the guidance of the nurse.
    • - You can listen to consent forms for various tests and explanations of treatment procedures.
    • - Treatment proceeds.
    • - Provide on-call interpreter service after work.
    • - Admission interim bills are delivered every Monday. You can pay at the discharge counter.
  • Meal

    • Meals are prepared in Korean and Western styles. If you place an order when you are hospitalized, you can make a selection in advance.
  • Rounds

    • Rounding hours for each ward are usually 7 am to 8 am and 5 pm to 7 pm (subject to change according to the doctor’s schedule).
  • Call

    • - You can make calls from the room.
    • - You can call coordinator, who will assist you with communication on your language.
  • Emergency call

    • - There is an emergency call button right next to the bed. If you need help immediately, press this button.
    • - Emergency call buttons are also located in the restrooms in the rooms and in all public restrooms in the hospital.
  • Kitchen use

    • - The kitchen is located at the entrance to the east ward next to the elevator. Hot water and water are always available here.
    • - No heating devices are allowed in the room. Use the kitchen microwave.
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