Discharged Patient

  • Discharge Procedure

    • STEP 01

      Doctor’s approval for discharge

    • STEP 02

      Global Healthcare Center

      - Payment of discharge fee and receiving the receipt in English

    • STEP 03

      Global Healthcare Center

      - Receipt of prescription drugs, explanation about discharge precautions

      - Description of discharge procedures and, if necessary, medical certificate(if necessary)

    • - On the day of discharge, upon completion of the discharge review, the nurse in the ward confirms and receives the discharge decision letter and settles the discharge treatment fee at the discharge counter on the 1st floor. (Usually, doctor inform you about the discharge one day in advance.)
    • - After you complete the payment of the medical examination and treatment fee, you will receive the discharge completion certificate and make an appointment for the next time (if necessary).
    • - Payment can be made with both credit card and cash (KRW), and an English receipt is issued after payment.
    • - After the discharge procedure is completed, you can receive your medicine at the nurse’s office and go home.
  • Diagnosis

    • - Please apply to the attending physician or the nurse in charge the day before discharge.
    • - If you apply on the day of discharge, please understand that the issuance and discharge procedures may be delayed.
    • - After the doctor signs the medical certificate, pay the fee at the time of discharge and receive the medical certificate at the discharge counter.
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