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Immune Cancer Center

  • Maximize immunity enhancement by combining the latest Korean medicine immune cancer treatment with traditional Korean medicine cancer treatment!


    Although chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy techniques are developing day by day, cancer is still the leading cause of death in Korea. Maintaining immunity through regular check-ups as well as proper lifestyle is the key to cancer prevention and treatment. The Korean Immuno-Cancer Center, which consists of acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, bee venom therapy, and Korean medicine qigong therapy, helps to improve the immune system of the body, contributes to the prevention and treatment of cancer, improves side effects after chemotherapy, and improves the lives of cancer patients. We aim to improve quality. At Kyunghee University Korean Medicine Hospital Korean Immune Cancer Center, you can receive high-quality Korean cancer treatment with proven acupuncture treatment, bee venom treatment, Korean medicine treatment created through the development of natural products, and Korean medicine qigong therapy.

    Moxibustion treatment

    Moxibustion is by placing dried mugwort or other drugs on a certain moxibustion spot on the surface of the human body and burning them to deliver thermal stimulation and drug action to the acupuncture points and meridians to warm and circulate the blood, helping good aura and dispelling bad energy. It is a treatment that treats disease by defeating it and achieves the purpose of health and prevention. It is an effective treatment for enhancing immune function and reducing the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for cancer treatment.

    Herbal treatment

    • Saenggisoamdan (HH908C)
    • - Consists of Astragalus, ginseng, sage root, angelica, cheoncho, dongwain, jeoksodu, baekgeum, sanjago, and glue
    • - Drugs that replenish energy and nurture blood, drugs that cool heat and remove poisons, prescriptions that drain pus
    • Energy Jelly (HH907J)
    • - Jelly-type herbal medicine with astragalus as the main ingredient
    • - Developed by adding propolis with excellent antioxidant action, using Astragalus as the main raw material, which provides vitality and immunity enhancement for people who complain of various types of heurism, such as the elderly, the infirm, and anticancer patients. one prescription
    • Dry Chill Stage (HH919)
    • - Chillpi is the main ingredient
    • - Prescription to treat various symptoms of eohyeol, such as pain and poor circulation of blood due to the effect of blood clotting
    • Wongi Saengmaeksan (HH905G)
    • - Composed of ginseng, maekmundong, omija, multi-leaf, and daesan
    • - Prescription to treat various symptoms of eohyeol, such as pain and poor circulation of blood due to the effect of blood clotting

    Bee venom treatment

    Instead of stinging the bee directly, it extracts and purifies the bee's venom from the bee through the electromagnetic shock method and injects it into the acupuncture points, the site of acupuncture treatment. It is a medicinal acupuncture therapy that can obtain not only the effects of acupuncture and moxibustion, but also the biochemical medicinal effects of bee venom. Bee venom contains about 40 substances beneficial to the human body, such as apamine and melatin. It acts on the immune system and improves circulation disorders such as numbness in the hands and feet caused by chemotherapy by enhancing immune function, regenerating nerves, and removing blood stasis. Through the effect of traditional acupuncture, it improves nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy, and has anti-inflammatory and pain suppression effects.

    The Korean Medicine Immuno-Cancer Center systematically improves symptoms related to cancer and enhances immunity through a collaboration between Korean and Western countries. In addition, we provide customized cancer treatment by cancer type and period by subdividing the medical department according to the type of cancer.

    Medical Fields

    Liver, biliary tract cancer, blood cancer

    Digestive Cancer

    Lung cancer

    Colorectal cancer

    Brain tumor

    Head and neck cancer

    Lymph cancer

    Metastatic cancer

    Uterine cancer, breast cancer

    cancer stress

    Cancer rehabilitation (pain, anticancer side effects)


    We systematically manage cancer-related symptoms through a collaboration between Eastern and Western countries.

    Immunotherapy of Korean medicine based on the latest research and cancer treatment of traditional Korean medicine are combined to enhance immunity and improve general health, thereby improving the quality of life during cancer treatment. Through the collaboration between Korean and Western countries, it not only cures cancer itself, but also improves the general health by enhancing immunity and improving the body constitution.

    Specialized medical staff exist for each cancer type to provide customized cancer treatment for each cancer type and patient.

    Medical departments are divided according to the type of cancer, and specialized medical staff exist to provide customized cancer treatment for each type, period, and patient.

    We want to be a companion with cancer patients.

    We will work with you to manage your life in general, including common sense of health, food, exercise, and how to cope with symptoms, which cancer patients are curious about when treating and managing cancer. The medical staff of the Korean Medical Immuno-Cancer Center will work as companions for patients to alleviate cancer-related symptoms and return to their normal lives before the onset of the disease.
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