Lung Cancer Center

  • Quick and accurate lung cancer diagnosis and treatment with the latest technology


    Diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

    The lung cancer center of Kyunghee Medical Center performs professional diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer, the number one cancer mortality rate in Korea, in cooperation with various departments such as respiratory internal medicine, thoracic surgery, hematological oncology, radiation oncology, radiology, and pathology.

    Accurate diagnosis and staging are performed using positron emission tomography as well as bronchoscopy, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging, which are essential for the diagnosis of lung cancer. Through this, the most appropriate treatment method is applied to the patient by accurately identifying the respiratory and systemic conditions before and after treatment.

    In particular, we are diagnosing various diseases quickly and accurately by introducing the latest bronchoscopy ultrasound (EBUS) equipment to diagnose not only lung cancer but also mediastinal lymph node enlargement.
    In addition, we are conducting various genetic tests for individualized and customized treatment for each patient, and are actively applying the latest targeted therapies and immunotherapy. In addition to these drug treatments, the latest radiation treatments such as tomotherapy and radiosurgery (SRS) are being used to achieve excellent results in the treatment of lung cancer.

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