Esophageal Cancer Center

  • Systematic and organic medical system composition, fast and accurate treatment


    Esophageal Cancer Center provides comprehensive treatment and treatment for benign and malignant tumors occurring in the esophagus.

    Esophageal cancer mainly occurs after the age of 50, and men show a 10 times higher incidence rate than women (Central Cancer Registry, Ministry of Health and Welfare, 2020).

    Esophageal cancer has different treatment options depending on how it progresses. At the Esophageal Cancer Center, experts with many years of clinical experience and knowledge form a cooperative system with related departments to select the most appropriate treatment method for the patient.
    In addition, we support the best treatment by establishing a systematic and organic organizational system to enable rapid treatment after cancer is confirmed. Patients diagnosed with esophageal cancer are quickly treated with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation to minimize the progression of the disease.

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