Thyroid Cancer Center

  • Early detection of thyroid cancer through accurate analysis, fast and prompt treatment


    The Thyroid Cancer Center diagnoses and treats lumps or malignant nodules in the thyroid gland.
    There are various types of thyroid cancer that occur frequently in women, including papillary cancer, which has a relatively good prognosis, and undifferentiated cancer, which causes fatal results. Because of this, the treatment method for thyroid cancer may vary depending on the location where it occurs. In particular, malignant nodules may spread to nearby lymph nodes, esophagus, and lungs, so quick and prompt treatment is required.

    The Thyroid Cancer Center detects thyroid cancer at an early stage through basic tests such as thyroid function tests, ultrasound tests, and fine needle aspiration tests, as well as CT and MRI, and then removes the cancer through surgery.

    At the Thyroid Cancer Center, experts based on years of experience do not neglect collaboration and research on thyroid cancer, and are actively engaged in introducing new treatments or new technologies for thyroid cancer.

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