Liver Cancer Center

  • Early diagnosis of liver cancer through accurate examination and analysis


    What is liver cancer?

    Liver cancer is any malignant tumor in the liver. When it occurs in the liver, it is called primary liver cancer, and when cancer in other organs has metastasized to the liver, it is called metastatic liver cancer. Liver cancer is a very fast-growing malignant tumor that over time grows and grows in number and spreads to other organs. When liver cancer is discovered, you need to make up your mind and come up with the right treatment method, so as not to miss the treatment time by being deceived by pseudo-medicine.

    Liver cancer risk factors

    - Hepatitis B and C virus, alcohol, cirrhosis, aflatoxin, male, age, other Early

    - screening (diagnosis)

    All chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis patients should undergo regular screening for liver cancer early.
    If you have liver cancer in your family, you should be screened for liver cancer more frequently.
    Since the diagnosis cannot be made with a blood test alone, comprehensive findings such as a serum fetoprotein (AFP) test, abdominal ultrasonography, or CT scan are required along with the examination findings.

    Treatment of liver cancer.

    • Surgery: It is performed when the size of liver cancer is small and the liver function is sufficient.
    • Local treatment regimen: alcohol injection, radiofrequency therapy, vascular therapy (hepatic artery embolization)
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