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Since its establishment in 1971, Kyung Hee Medical Center has been striving to facilitate <Creation of new medicine> through the connection of Oriental medicine and Western medicine. As a result of such effort, the East-West Medical Center was established in May 2000. In the mean time, the center has been focusing on the development and research of new medical technology mostly for incurable diseases including nephropathy, arthritis, vertebra, cancer, paralysis, rhinitis, pain and anti-aging.

Oriental medicine has spiritual and functional theory system that observes the life through holistic concept of disease, while the Western medicine has a systematic and objective theory system with well developed medical technology for a specific disease. In order for these two different medicines with different backgrounds and concepts of disease to meet as a unique <New medicine>, it is necessary to identify the fundamental difference between Western medicine and Oriental medicine, and further to present what more to be supplemented.

Kyung Hee Medical Center is a general medical institution equipped with both Western and Korean medical hospitals of which are the highest level in Korea. In making the most of such characteristics, the East-West Medical Center is realizing changes and innovation in medical area through unprecedented Medical medical system between Western medicine and Korean medicine by adopting the merits and supplementing the disadvantages of each other. Also, the East-West Medical Center has innovative medical system that maximizes the patient satisfaction and reduces the economic burden and time consumption by minimizing the inconveniences of duplicated diagnoses and spatial movement that the patients may experience as they use Western medicine and Korean medicine hospitals separately.

In the future, East-West Medical Center will put utmost effort to realize the noble humanity of our founder to “Release the mankind from the pain of disease by creating <New medicine> with cooperation of Western and Eastern medicine” through active Medical in clinical cases and sustainable research.
East-West Nephropathy Center East-West Spine Center
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East-West Rhinitis Clinic East-West Pain Clinic
East-West Headache Center East-West Integrative Obesity Clinic
East-West Tinnitus-Dizzy Clinic East-West Facial Palsy Clinic
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