2008.02.19 Feb. 19 Health checkups for Russian visitors
2008.02.27 1st Kyung Hee Medical Center’s International Journal promotion committee’s workshop
2008.03.24 Opening of U-Bed
2008.03.25 Inauguration of the Medical Business Director and the General Director
2008.03.26 Opening of Kyung Hee University Medical Center School
2008.04.03 Oriental Medicine School, ranked 1st in “Consulting Brand Power” from the KMA (Korea Management Association)
2008.04.13 Lecture by professor Kim Ueh Shin from the MD Anderson Cancer Center
2008.05.20 Opening ceremony of the “Spring Gallery”
2008.06.24 WHO international conference
2008.07.00 “Buljahwe” invited Cambodians to Korea for surgical treatments
2008.07.17 Visit by the “International Family Tour” personnel
2008.08.13 Inauguration of the Oriental Medicine Hospital’s 14th General Director
2008.08.27 Chosen as 1st in “Premium Brand Power” in 2008 by female customers
2008.08.29 Health Diagnostic Center
2008.08.30 Seminar of the Korean Society of Gastroenterology, live surgery
2008.09.01 Medical services in Cambodia by the “Han-ma-eum” volunteer work team
2008.09.03 Los Angeles Korean Society medical treatment agreement
2008.10.06 37th Anniversary
2008.10.06 Introduction of the newest arteriography equipment
2008.11.04 Brain tumor surgery of a Mongolian officer’s wife, Yung Ji Ma
2008.11.05 Dentistry Department, opening of the Buccal Cavity Implant Center
2008.11.12 Oriental Medicine Research Center’s opening, 2 year anniversary symposium
2008.11.13 10th International Oriental Medicine Exhibition
2008.12.09 Global Community Bazaar
2008.12.12 QI Contest
2008.12.13 PERCAP medical equipment’s authentication commemorative symposium
2007.02.09 Feb. 9 Heart surgery for children from Thailand and Myanmar
2007.03.20 Mar. 20 Business agreement for the promotion of Medical tourism
2007.03.23 Mar. 23 Medical treatment legal consultation agreement closure
2007.04.19 Presentation ??? of the international medical service team
2007.06.04 Opening of the Gastroenterology Center.
2007.07.24 Opening of a parking lot and other convenient facilities
2007.09.19 Visit by the vice-president from the University of Mexico
2007.10.05 36th Anniversary celebration
2007.10.06 Oct. 6 Kyung Hee University Hospital 1 year anniversary commemorative symposium of the Business Strategy Research Center
2007.10.23 Oct. 23 Opening agreement of the Kyung Hee Medical Center School
2007.12.06 Dec. 6 Research results announcement of the Oriental Medicine Laboratory
2007.12.07 QI Contest
2007.12.10 Dec. 10 Visit by the department manager of the Chinese Health Department and 5 officials to the Oriental Medicine Hospital
2006.02.22 Opened the 2nd Workshop for Professors of the Affiliated Kyung Hee University Medical Center Hospital of the year 2005
Proclamation of the “Affiliated Hospital’s Vision”
2006.03.15 Opening of the Cancer Center
2006.06.06 WHO East-West Medical Laboratory Center Symposium
2006.06.09 Held an event commemorating “Odontology Day”
2006.06.12 Opening ceremony of Kyug Hee University?East-West Neo Medical Center
2006.06.12 Visit by an official from Peking University
2006.07.04 Publication commemoration of “The 50 Representative Diseases of Koreans”
2006.09.27 8th International Oriental Medicine Exhibition
2006.09.27 Opening of the Artery and Vessel Center
Operation of the newest CTMR angiography equipment
2006.10.04 35th Anniversary celebration
2006.10.27 Visit by a Mongolian official
2006.11.05 1st Cancer Symposium
2006.11.06 “One Heart” medical services group, medical services in Thailand
2006.11.09 “Pink Ribbon” event for women with breast cancer
2006.11.29 Opening of the Oriental Medicine Research Center and seminar
2006.12.12 Opening of the Clinical Medicine Research Center
2005.01.01 Inauguration of professor Lee Bong Am (Neurosurgery Department) as the 12th Medical Business President and Medical Services Director, professor Kim Yung Sul (Endocrinology Department) as the Director of the affiliated hospital, and professor Kim Yeoh Kap (Oral Surgery Department) as Director of the Dental Hospital
2005.01.00 Otorhynolaryngology, in January 2005 treated 257 cases
2005.01.04 Inauguration of Professor Lee Bong Am as the 3rd Medical Business President and the 12th Medical Services Director
2005.01.12 Medical services in Banda Aceh, Indonesia for tsunami victims by Choi Hae Rim (Family Medicine Department), Woo Duh Hyun (Internal Medicine Department), Choi Cheon Pil (Dermatology Department) and Lee Jung Hee (Psychiatry Department)
2005.01.00 Customer Satisfaction Team, opened the 밙yung Hee Family?window (window number 800)
2005.01.11 Vietnamese medical group, medical center visit
2005.01.10 Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the East-West Medical Laboratory Center
2005.03.29 Ranked 1st in the National Customer Satisfaction Index
2005.06.01 Operation of PACS in the Dentistry Department Hospital
2005.06.13 The 1st MBA certification ceremony in Kyung Hee University's Medical Center Hospital Management
2005.08.25 Opened the 7th International Oriental Medicine Exhibition
2005.10.05 Anniversary commemoration ceremony
2005.10.05 Declaration of the “Dentistry Hospital's Vision”
CS training of all staff members
2005.10.19 "One Heart" medical service team, sponsored surgery expenses for Indian workers
2005.11.00 Psychiatry Department, established the Chinese Brain Research Center
2005.11.01 Held the 3rd "Ugly Teeth" Contest
2005.12.15 Kyung Hee University Medical Center, World's Taekwondo Federation Medical Convention
2004.01.15 Jan.15 Reorganized the medical center's department (changed from a department/faculty formation to a more advantageous team formation)
2004.01.27 Jan.27 Introduced Ultrasonography (level Ⅱ) in Obstetrics and Gynecology
2004.02.00 Feb. Ranked one of the best in Industrial Medical Science (operations area in the Health Directory Assistance Department, Korea Occupational Safety & Health Agency)
2004.02.01 Feb.1 Appointment of professor Kim Chang Hwan as director of the Kyung Hee Oriental Medicine Hospital, professor Dong Seok Park as director of the East-West Medical Center, professor Kim Young Seol as the East-West Medicine Laboratory chief.
2004.03.04 Agreement of exchange programs between the Peking University’s affiliated hospital and the Beijing Jishuitan Hospital
2004.03.05 Mar.5 Attended the 19th general meeting of the Korean Federation of Community Credit Cooperatives where they elected the new chief director and the new director
2004.03.09 Mar.9 Appointed the Oriental Medicine Hospital as a health tour enterprise
2004.04.01 Apr. 1 Ranked 2nd in the National Customer Satisfaction Index research on medical treatment services
2004.04.06 Apr. 6 Operation of a mileage system using Cyber money
2004.04.19 Johns Hopkins University’s visit to the Oriental Medicine Hospital
2004.04.19 Apr. 19 East-West Medical Laboratory, reassignment of the WHO Traditional Medical Science Research Collaboration Center
2004.04.20 Apr. 20 Closure of the 'scientific exchange agreement' between Kyung Hee University and Johns Hopkins University.
2004.04.26 Apr. 26 Pro Bono heart surgeries of 3 Vietnamese children
2004.04.28 Apr. 28 Otorhinolaryngology, introduction of vestibular testing equipment
2004.04.30 Apr. 30 Appointment of Kim Myung Jae in the Department of Ophthalmology, Jang Sung Gu in the Department of Urinology, Shin Gwan Il in the Department of Anesthesiology and professor Lee Jung Il in the Department of Internal Medicine as regular members in the National Academy of Medicine of Korea
2004.05.03 May. 03 Birthday celebrations for the 3 Vietnamese children treated for heart disease. Delivery of digital cameras by the Korean actor Jang Dong Gun
2004.05.05 May. 05 Donation of 16 million won for recovery from the explosions that occurred in Ryong Chun train station, North Korea
2004.05.15 May. 15 밄ecoming one with Respect and Harmony?personnel mountain climbing tournament (Medical Services Department chief and team managers from the Assistance Department)
2004.06.01 East-West Joint Center’s participation in the 'HI SEOUL Health Expo
2004.06.00 Jun. Oriental Medicine Laboratory, rated 'A' in the evaluation of the laboratories
2004.06.01 Jun. 1 Installation of a medical office for personnel (8th floor, shin gwan)
2004.07.01 Jul. 1 Operation of '5 business days', regular medical treatments on Saturdays
2004.07.01 Jul 1. Declaration of the Medical Information Ethics Charter
2004.07.02 Held an art festival to commemorate the construction of the “UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea”
2004.07.05 Jul. 5 Commemorative photographic exhibition of Kyung Hee Medical Center's '30years'
2004.07.30 Jul. 30 Opening of the emergency center
2004.08.27 Aug. 27 Held the International KOREAN MEDICINE Science Conference
2004.08.29 Aug. 29 Hospice collaboration system (St. Paul's hospital, Holy family hospital and Bobath memorial hospital)
2004.08.29 Aug. 29 The 6th International Oriental Medicine Exhibition
2004.09.07 Sep. 7 Night shift of the Otorhinolaryngology Department started (every Tuesdays)
2004.09.00 Sep. Production of Kyung Hee University Medical Center's ?0 years?CD
2004.10.05 Oct. 5 Kyung Hee medical center's 33rd anniversary, Proclamation of a new HI
2004.10.05 Oct. 5 Dentistry Hospital held the 밬gly Teeth?contest.
2004.10.15 Commemorative ceremony of Kyung Hee University Medical Center’s remodeling (Gu-han-bang, 7th floor)
2004.10.19 Oct. 19 Commemorative ceremony of the PET/CT operations
2004.11.11 Nov. 11 Disease Control Department, influenza vaccinations
2004.11.13 Nov. 13 East-West Medical Examination Center, selected as a superior medical diagnostic center
2004.12.06 Dec. 6 Visit by Peking University personnel to Kyung Hee University Medical Center
2004.12.07 Congenital heart disease treatment by professor Han Mi Young (Department of Pediatrics) and Kim Su Chul (Cardiothoracic Surgery Department) professor’s team
2004.12.08 Dec. 8 Education to prevent sexual harassment
2004.12.30 Remodeling of the “Tang-jeon” room
2003.01.01 Jan.01 Inauguration of Professor Yoon Chung (Surgical Department) as the 2nd Medical Business President and the 11th Medical Services Director
2003.01.25 Jan.25 Opening of the "Web of Science Library" service
2003.02.10 Opening of the Dentistry Department for the Elderly (seniors)
2003.02.10 Appointment of directors in affiliated hospitals, Dentistry Department and Oriental Medicine Department (the 18th Affiliated Hospital Director Jung Sa Jun / the 9th Director of the Dentistry Department Choi Dae Gun / the 12th Oriental Medicine Department Director Ryu Bong Ha)
2003.02.26 Nomination of Shin Hyun De from the Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine Department as the president’s Oriental Medicine general practitioner
2003.03.06 Mar.06 Visit by the WHO Liaison Official of Korea, Dr. George J. Slama
2003.03.27 Mar.27 Signing ceremony of the Kangwon Province Young Wol District sisterhood relationship
2003.04.08 Apr.08 Ranked 4th in the NCSI's (National Customer Satisfaction Index) research on the Hospital Industry
2003.05.31 May.31 Training of department chiefs in the Support Department and Nursing Department (until June 1st)
2003.06.27 Jun.27 Introduction of the newest Inturis Allura 9/9 Biplane
2003.07.03 Jul.03 Participation in the 5th Oriental Medicine International Exhibition (EXOM 2003) (until Jul. 7)
2003.07.07 Jul.07 Introduction of the Digital mammo breast checker
2003.07.10 Jul.10 Received "AA" level by the Korea Management Association Corporation in terms of service quality
2003.07.25 07.25 Visit by an official from the Egyptian Ministry of Health to the Oriental Medicine Hospital
2003.07.31 Jul.31 Chosen by "The Civic Group that Studies Consumer Problems" as a "hospital that assists breast feeding"
2003.08.03 Aug.03 Medical services in Russia (until Aug. 10th, Professor Kim Chang Hwan and the Oriental Medicine team 'Nanjido')
2003.09.03 Sept.03 Commemorative ceremony of 1,000 radiation treatments using the Gamma Knife
2003.10.01 Oct.01 Held the 32nd Anniversary and the 19th Award Ceremony of the 'Ko Wang Medical' prize
2003.10.16 Oct.16 Introduction of the newest digital Acuity equipment
2003.10.28 Oct.28 Construction ceremony of a new building for the School of Dentistry
2003.11.28 Creation of the University Hospital's Association of Administrators and the Kyung Hee University Medical Center’s Association
2003.12.05 Dec.05 Held the 2003 QI Contest
2003.12.12 12.12 Lecture by Dr. Cohen from the MD Anderson Cancer Center
2002.01.11 Jan.11 Inauguration of Professor Yoo Myung Chul (Orthopedics) as the 1st Medical Business President and the 10th Medical Services Director
2002.01.25 Jan.25 Oriental Medicine Hospital, chosen as the 2002 FIFA World Cup's partner hospital
2002.02.22 Feb.22 Medical services in Seogi-poh, Jeju Island (for 23 days, treated around 1,600 patients)
2002.03.17 Mar.17 Kyung Hee-Nepal medical services (for 24 days, treated around 1,048 patients, donated 1 ambulance)
2002.04.08 Apr.08 MRI, change of equipment to Gamma Knife and celebration of the hospital's reconstruction
2002.04.16 Apr.16 Ranked 4th in the NCSI's (National Customer Satisfaction Index) research on Hospital Industry conducted by Kyung Hee University Medical Center Partnership closure with the "International Bright Society Club" as an authorized medical institution
2002.06.01 Jun.01 1st "Home Coming Day" of prematurely born babies in an affiliated hospital
2002.08.07 Aug.07 Appointment ceremony by UNICEF as a "Friendly Hospital to Babies"
2002.09.09 Sept.09 Donations to flood victims (Dong-he City and Sam-chuk City, Kangwon Province)
2002.09.23 Sept.23 Received 100 million won from Han Kook Il Bo in support of needy families
2002.10.20 Oct.20 First time to install the N-zone cell phone service in the domestic medical community
2002.12.10 Dec.10 Affiliated hospital, opened a Skin Care Therapeutic room
2002.12.12 Dec.12 Opened the 4th International Oriental Medicine Exposition (for 16 days, a total of approximately 10,000 visitors)
2002.12.27 Dec.27 Urology, operation of the newest Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy, ESWL
2001.02.17 Feb.17 Kyung Hee-Nepal Medical Volunteer Service (For 25 days, 31 workers, treated around 1250 in Thimi City-Kathmandu, Nepal)
2001.03.22 Mar.22 Construction of a new funeral home (3 floors above ground, 2 floors underground, total floor space of 1,200 pyung)
2001.04.01 Apr.01 Jong-ro Kyung Hee Oriental Hospital Closing
2001.04.20 Apr.20 Treated 5,000 cases of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy;ESWL in Urology
2001.05.03 Oriental Medicine Hospital, opened the 2nd “Huh Jun Children’s Contest”
2001.06.19 Jun.19 Alphabetical reorganization of the Medical Science Library's homepage and Electronic Journal
2001.07.12 Jul.12 Establishment of sisterhood relations between the Dentistry School뭩 hospital and Shin Sung University
2001.08.30 Aug.30 Opening of the 3rd International Oriental Medicine Exhibition (-9.3)
2001.09.12 Sept.12 Affiliated hospital, medical services in Mongolia in association with the Nam Yang City Hall (for 20days, 7 members, treated around 1000 patients)
2001.09.21 Sept.21 Kyung Hee University Medical Center, chosen as the best civil defense force
2001.10.05 Oct.05 Declaration of the "21st Century's Vision", 30th anniversary and enactment of the World's Peace Day
Opened the 20th Anniversary of the International Science Convention (for 6 days), Commemorative Concert (for 7 days)
2001.10.26 Oct.26 Completion of the Full PACS construction, held the demo and operation
2001.10.27 Oct.27 Established the Department of Oral Medicine and the Department of Stress Dental Medicine
2001.11.21 Nov.21 Visit by the WHO Director General, Dr. G.H. Brundtland, including an affiliated center
2001.11.29 Nov.29 Visit by a Johns Hopkins University's official, including the Oriental Medicine hospital