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2000.11.27  reconstruction of centeral operating room
2000.10.01  medical service at Hongcheon-gun residence by "Kyungbool club"
2000.09.26  re-appointment of East West medical research center as WHO traditional medical research center
2000.09.01  The 2nd International Exhibition on Oriental medicine at COEX (until September 1st)
2000.08.01  development of magnetic denture by prof. 이성복, dental hospital
2000.07.13  Operation of DITI at the oriental hospital
2000.07.01  Development and operation of OCS at outpatient department
2000.06.14  Medical Service on Dongdaemun-gu residence by Han-Ma-Eum volunteers (examined 457 patients at YMCA dongdaemun branch until July 15th)
2000.05.17  opening ceremony for Collaboration Diagnosis Center for Eastern-Western Medicine (chief : Prof. 두호경)
2000.05.13  Medical Service at Seoul Yoido Exhibition Center with MBC "Heo-Joon" staffs (examined 1200 patients until May 14th)
2000.03.31  Establishment of in-hospital LAN
2000.02.01  The 9th Medical service in Nepal by Kyunghee-Nepal medical service volunteers (examined 2026 patients until February 20th)
2000.01.03  Inauguration of prof.두호경 at the 1st head of Collaboration Diagnosis Center for Eastern-Western Medicine
2000.01.01  Successful deilvery of the 1st baby at the year 2000
1999.11.24  Groundbreaking ceremony of expansion/establishment of orthodontic ward and dental laboratory, dental hospital
1999.11.06  Medical Service at Jeju island, celebrating the 50th anniversary (-12th)
1999.10.16  Ugly teeth Contest, dental hospital
1999.10.14  Hosting of the 3rd International East-West medical academic seminar (-15th)
1999.09.29  The 1st International Exhibition on Oriental Medicine (~october 3rd)
1999.09.01  Integration of medical and KOREAN MEDICINE emergency medical center
1999.08.18  Renaming of downtown oriental hospital to Jongro Kyunghee Oriental Hospital
1999.08.04  Medical Service on flood victims at Dongducheon (1078 patients, to August 7th)
1999.08.03  Foreign Medical Service in Kazakhstan, celebrating the 50th anniversary (examined 3491 patients until August 11th)
1999.07.06  examined the 2000th overseas Koreans
1999.06.28  Medical Service on Jungang-Gu residence with Dongdaemun-gu fire station
1999.05.10  Medical Service on Dongdaemun-gu residence, celebrating the 50th anniversary
1999.04.19  Remodeling of Endoscopic center at the 1st floor of main building
1999.04.08  Successful completion of microperforation using arthroscopy by prof.배대경, department of orthopedic surgery
1999.03.05  making of PR video for East-West collaboration medical center
1999.02.08  opening of hot-line pediatric outpatient emergency room, department of pediatrics
1998.12.22  Inauguration of the professor Yoon Chong as 16th president of affiliated hospital,
Inauguration of the professor Gwon Young-Hyuk as 8th president of university affiliated dental hospital,
Inauguration of the professor Shin Hyun-Dai as the 11th president of Korean medicine hospital
1998.12.11  World’s first to succeed human embryo cloning by professor Kim Seung-Bo and Lee Bo-Yeon et. al. of gynecology department
1998.11.12  First to succeed homeo-skin transplant in Korea by professor Hong Sung-Pyo of plastic surgery department
1998.11.18  Model operation of optional meal by Nutrition consultant team
1998.08.17  Medical service in Namyangju si to aid flood victims (672 patients) (-8.19)
1998.08.07  Medical service in Pocheon kun to aid flood victims (examined 801 patients, -8.10)
1998.06.13  Gratuitous surgical operation for Lee Yong-Gyong, a Sakhalin resident
1998.06.01  Establishment of pain clinic in anesthesia department
1998.04.18  Medical service in Cheolwon kun (examined 688 patients)
1998.01.01  Introduction of after-birth recuperation meal system
1997.12.01  Groundbreaking ceremony of expansion/establishment of gynecology ward
1997.11.21  Gratuitous operation of anti-smoking acupuncture (operated 300 people in front of university library)
1997.11.03  Academic exchange between Korean medicine hospital and affiliated hospital of Shandong Chinese Medical university of China (-11.15)
1997.10.05  Publication of model Korean medicine manual and standard book
1997.09.30  Opening ceremony of emergency medical center
1997.09.05  Medical service in Gosung, Gyeongnam (treated 1,489 patients,-8th)
1997.07.30  World’s first tumor removal operation for a hemophiliac by hemophilia center of orthopedics department
1997.06.04  Medical service for overseas Koreans in Sakhalin (treated 1,920 patients) (-11th)
1997.05.17 Medical service in Seocheon kun (treated 954 patients) (-19th)
1997.05.09 Operation of the 3rd generation gamma camera by Nuclear medicine department
1997.04.26  Gratuitous medical examination in Seocho ku public health center by orthopedics department (examined 354 patients)
1997.04.16  Gratuitous medical examination in elementary school by departments of ophthalmology , otorhinolaryngology, and dentistry (Cheongryang elementary school, Hongreung elementary school)
1997.03.29 Commencement of weekend examination for foreign laborers
1997.03.15  General meeting of Han-Ma-Eum volunteers (Chief: professor Kim Jin-Woo)
1997.02.15  Medical service in Nepal by Kyung Hee International Cooperation Committee (-28th)
1997.01.20  Laparoscopic operation for right primary aldosterone patient
1997.01.14  Successful kidney transplant to 28 month old child patient by Kidney Transplant Team (professor Cho Byeong-Soo of pediatrics, Park Ho-Cheol of general surgery, Jang Sung-Goo of urology, Shin Ok-Young of anesthesia, Kim Dong-Ok of anesthesia departments)
1997.01.13  Inauguration of president Cho Jeong-Won
1996.11.22  Nursing seminar celebrating the 25th anniversary
1996.11.19  Medical service in Gosung, Kyungnam (-22)
1996.10.24  Medical service by orthopedics department in Bongcheon dong
1996.10.05 25th anniversary event (awarded 14 staff for 20 years of service and 120 staff for 10 years of service)
1996.10.02 Establishment of Han-Ma-Eum medical service volunteers
1996.10.01 Hosting of International academic seminar celebrating the 25th anniversary (-12th)
1996.09.14 Medical service in Yanggu gun, Gangwon do (Live broadcast on Health 365 of KBS 1 Radio)
1996.09.10 Medical service by orthopedics department in Busan (-7th)
1996.09.06 Medical service by orthopedics department in Busan (-7th)
1996.08.15 Gratuitous service by plastic surgery department for cleft-lip patients in Jeju (-17th)
1996.08.05 Medical service in flood areas (Yeoncheon, Gyeonggi do) (-7th)
1996.07.02 Gratuitous medical service in Yangju gun, Gyeonggi do (-13th)
1996.05.31 Gratuitous medical examination of Diabetes and high cholesterol by endocrinology department
1996.04.20 Successful delivery of first twins as the University hospital performing artificial insemination by Fertility clinic team (Professor Kim Seung-Bo and Lee Bo-Yeon) of gynecology department
1996.04.18 Reappointment as Eastern-Western medicine research center, Traditional medicine research and development center by WHO
1996.01.01  Gratuitous medical service in Bagio, Philippines by Christian medical service volunteers (Chief: Professor Kim Jin-Woo of internal medicine department) (-1.27),
Inauguration of the professor Lee Sang-Rae as 7th president of dental hospital
Inauguration of the professor Doo Ho-Gyeong as 10th president of Korean medicine hospital
1995.09.19 Appreciation plaque awarded by Argentina-Korean society for ‘Application of health insurance for overseas Koreans’
1995.09.19 Overseas medical service in Kazakhstan (Chief: Cho Jeong-Won vice president, patients: 2,781) (-8.18)
1995.08.04 Overseas medical service in Kazakhstan (Chief: Cho Jeong-Won vice president, patients: 2,781) (-8.18)
1995.07.18 Operation of linear accelerator and spiral CT scan.
1995.06.17 Gratuitous medical service celebrating the 46th anniversary of school foundation (Suwon Campus, patients: 268)
1995.05.24  Agreement of medical exchange program with Harvard medical school
1995.05.15  Change of Medical Center telephone number (958-8114)
1995.05.01 Inauguration of the professor Oh Soo-Myeong as 6th chief of Eastern-Western medicine research center
Replacement of electronic exchanger and installation of accessories (Installation of DID and DOD)
1995.04.29  First among medical centers to operate the organ transplant on a patient who was pronounced brain dead (Lee Moon-Ja: 50 years)
1995.02.15  First among medical centers to operate the organ transplant on a patient who was pronounced brain dead (Lee Moon-Ja: 50 years)
1995.02.02 Inauguration of the professor Choi Young-Gil of internal medicine department as 9th president of medical center
Inauguration of the professor Ryu Myung-Cheol of orthopedics department as 14th president of affiliated hospital
1995.01.09  Opening ceremony of East-West health diagnosis center, Operation ceremony of 2nd MRI
1994.12.28 Completion of construction of parking lot in front of emergency room (180 cars)
1994.06.30 Installation of 300 lines of DID telephones within ward
1994.06.01 Implementation of telephone reservation system and night treatment system (Internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, gynecology, orthopedics)
1994.05.20 Gratuitous medical examination celebrating 45th anniversary of school foundation (Seoul, Suwon campus, patients: 571) (-5.25)
1994.03.14 Operation ceremony of automatic tablet packaging machine
1994.01.02 Introduction of new external corporeal shock wave Lithotripter, LT-02
1993.11.19 Gratuitous blood-sugar test given by Diabetes class of internal medicine department celebrating the 2nd Diabetes week
1993.09.06 Field trip to Korean medicine hospital by Mr. Jeon Gyeong-Bok, the director of Chinese medicine council of China
1993.08.20 Publication of Korean medicine standard book
1993.08.01 Inauguration of the professor Song Il-Byeong of 4 constitution medicine department as 9th president of Korean medicine hospital Inauguration of the professor Lee Gyeong-Sub of internal medicine department 2 as 11th president of Korean medicine city hospital
1993.07.19 Gratuitous medical service in Skelbalta province of Mongol (Chief: Gong Young-Il vice president, total patients: 1,672)(-7.24)
1993.02.05 Inauguration of the professor Joo Heung-Jae as 8th president of medical center
Inauguration of the professor Kim Byeong-Woon as 8th president of Korean medicine hospital
Inauguration of the professor Song Il-Byeong as 10th president of Korean medicine city hospital
1993.02.02 Inauguration of the professor Lim Un as 13th president of affiliated hospital
1992.10.03 1st employee athletic meeting, publication of ‘20 years of medical center’
1992.09.14 Visited by Dr. Alexander Prokrov, a Nobel physics award winner
1992.08.10 Construction of 2nd medical center (Goduk dong)
1992.08.03 Establishment of Neurology department (First director: Professor Jeong Gyung-Cheon)
1992.05.22 Visited by 2 child victims of Chernobyl nuclear power generation accident for treatment
1992.03.20 Operation of mobile art exhibition (-3.22)
1992.03.12 Operation ceremony of Gamma knife
1992.03.01 Establishment of Pediatrics surgery department (First director: Professor Oh Soo-Myeong)
1992.02.28 Inauguration of 7th president of medical center (Professor Choi Young-Gil of internal medicine
1992.02.22 Commemorative ceremony celebrating the relocation of dental hospital
1992.02.08 Medical service in Sudan, Africa (Chief: Yoon Chong, the planning manager, total patients: 5,228) (-2.18)
1992.01.02 Introduction of LINAC in Radiology therapy department
1991.11.30 Production of 20th anniversary video
1991.10.05 Commemorative ceremony celebrating the 20th anniversary
1991.09.27 Hosting of academic seminar celebrating the 20th anniversary and the 10th World Peace Day
1991.07.05 Delivery of 20,000$ worth of medical supplies to volcano victims in Pinatubo, Philippines
1991.06.13 MRI initial operation ceremony
1991.05.13 Invitation of the professor Branemark of Sweden for special lecture on implant
1991.04.29 Visited by the president Emmanuel Yap. Angeies of Angles University, Philippines
1991.04.25 Opening ceremony of 2nd medical center (Goduk dong)
1991.03.29 Establishment of sisterhood relationship with Jangchoon Chinese medical institute of China
1991.03.17 Visited by Russian ambassador, Mr. Sokolov
1991.03.01 Inauguration of the professor Lee Man-Sup as 6th president of university hospital for dental school
Visited by Mr. Ryu Gwan-Geun, the president of Jangchoong Chinese medical institute of China (-4.6)
1991.02.18 Inauguration of the professor Choi Young-Gil as 7th president of medical center
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