Dept. of Oriental Rehabilitation Medicine
The main field includes musculoskeletal diseases whose sufferers require rehabilitation and physical therapy, such as spinal diseases and arthropathies. Another specialty is metabolic diseases which require a naturopathic approach, including obesity.

1.Specialized Clinics
1)Spine Clinic
Specializing in spinal diseases, such as herniated intervertebral disc, spinal stenosis, sprains, etc, we use acupuncture, herbal medicine, oriental manipulation (tuina), and physical therapies as methods of treatment according to patients' symptoms.

2)Arthropathy Clinic
Conditions not suitable for surgical treatment are the main focus of this clinic. Because chronic degenerative arthralgia can be very effectively managed, Koreans prefer these kinds of treatment to those of invasive western medicine.

3)Obesity Clinic
Herbal medicines, some of which increase basal metabolic rate and some of which reduce the appetite, are applied to obese patients. Starvation is another method of weight loss used in this clinic. It not only reduces weight, but also improves the constitution of patients.