We treat all forms of respiratory disorders, allergies, Ki disorder, retention of phlegm and fluid, perspiration, voice and speech, chest pain and related areas according to diagnosis based upon an integrative approach.

We also perform various research activities related to the diagnosis of respiratory and allergy disorders and their clinical application.

Specilaized Clinics

1) Asthma Clinic

Concurrent application of acupuncture, electric-acupunture, herbal-acupunture and moxibustion depending on the physical attributes, deficiency and excessiveness have proven to be quite effective. In addition, the usage of bronchial inhalants to treat acute cases is being researched.

2) Hyperhydrosis Clinic

Treatment normally includes removal of the root cause. And herbal medicine, acupuncture an moxibustion are highly effective when they are applied based on deficiency and excessiveness of the disorder, harmony of the body's yin-yang, and physical attributes.