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Since the department of Ophthalmology was established in 1971, we have made great improvements over the past 37 years. Currently, we have 6 faculty members, professor Dr. Kwak Hyung-Woo (vitreoretinal disease) and Dr. Jin Kyung-Hyun (cataract, external eye), assistant professor Dr. Park In-Ki (oculplastic surgery) and Dr. Yu Seung-Young (vitreoretinal disease), clinical lecturer Dr. Kim Eung-Suk (vitreoretinal disease) and Dr. Kim Young Gyun (vitreoretinal disease) including 8 residents, 3 nurses, and 4 clinical technicians. We manage not only an outpatient clinic but also various clinics such as vitreoretinal disease clinic, vitreoretinal laser clinic, pediatric strabismus & amblyopia clinic, cataract clinic, external eye clinic, glaucoma clinic, refractive surgery clinic, oculplastic surgery clinic, eye bank, contact lens clinic, low vision clinic, etc. On average, we treat 1,200 inpatients, 35,000 outpatients, and perform 2,200 operations per year.

Our department has produced 75 medical specialists, 25 PhDs, and 55 MDs, and also focused on research activities. As a result, we published about 500 research papers in domestic and international journals so far, and gave many conference presentations on them.

In addition to patient treatments and research, we offer high-level education programs to the students in the School of Medicine.
Staff Specialize


Jin Kyung-Hyun

Cornea and external eye,
Contact lenses,
Excimer laser refractive surgery,
Strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology


Yu Seung-Young

Vitreoretinal disease, cataract


Park In-Ki

Oculoplastic surgery,
Orbit and lacrimal disease
Anophthalmic socket
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