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What should I do if I lost the reservation card?

Losing the reservation card does not cause any administrative problem that will prevent you from receiving same-day medical examination. Please visit the corresponding medical department on the day of examination.

How do I pay the medical examination cost?

You can pay by cash, credit card or by wire transfer in certain situations.Please contact (Outpatient) 02-958-9635, (admission) 02-958-9614.

Can the receipt be reissued?

Due to tax law, the receipt is not reissued, but payment certificate or medical examination cost record is issued as alternative.

How do I get to the hospital by public transportation?

You can visit KyungHeeMedicalCenter by taking subway line 1 and get off at Whoi gi station and take town bus.
By bus, take 1215 (Wolgye dong ? Cheongryangri) or 273 (Joongrang ku office ? Dongyo dong) and get off at Kyoung Hee university and walk approximately 5 minutes. Or, take 147 (Wolgye dong ? Dogok dong), 261 (Jangwee dong ? Yeongdeungpo), 1217 (Wooi dong ? Cheongryangri), or 1222 (Wolgye dong ? KoreaUniversity) and get off at Wheekyoung market station and walk approximately 10 minutes.

How do I use the parking facility?

KyungHeeMedicalCenter parking lot is open 24 hours. The outpatients may use the parking lot free for up to 4 hours on the day of examination and the admission/discharge patients may use free for up to for 4 hours on the day of admission and the day of discharge. Parking is free of charge during Saturdays 13:00 to Sundays 24:00 for one vehicle per one admitted patients.

For all other visitors, the parking fee is 1,500 won for first 30 minutes and 500 won per extra 10 minutes thereafter.

Please contact parking office (02-957-0336) or General Affairs team (02-958-9804~6) for further inquiries.

What items should I bring when admitted?

You may require health insurance card, basic washing kit, guardian bed, spoons and chopsticks, slipper, water bottles and cups.

What do I do with valuables?

Please avoid keeping the valuables and cash in the ward. The hospital is not responsible for the loss due to the negligence of patient. (The valuables may be lost or stolen.)

Can I be admitted on holidays?

Admission on holidays is possible if the admission is decided.
(Reserved patient, emergency patient in emergency room, etc.)

What is the standard of ward cost calculation?

1 day is calculated from 12:00 PM of the day of admission to 12:00 PM of next day.
* If the patient is admitted between 00:00~06:00 or discharged after 18:00, 50% of admission fee and ward fee will be added.

What should I do if I am discharged at night or on holidays?

If the attending doctor decides to discharge the patient at night or on holiday, the patient is required to pay the medical fee at medical affairs department. (discharge is allowed for 24 hours)

Where do I receive discharge medicine?

Please submit the discharge card to corresponding nurses office after you complete discharge process, and the nurse office will provide the medicine (if any) and explain about other cautions.

How do I receive various proof documents?

Outpatients: Please request to attending doctor during examination for issuance.
Admission patients: Please request to attending doctor or nurse office for issuance 1 day before discharge.

Are various certificate documents only issued to the patient themselves?

Issuance of various certificate documents requires the submission of documents and personal ID including health insurance card or ID card.

How do I receive a copy of medical record (medical examination chart)?

The medical affairs department will copy the medical record written by the attending doctor and the admission affairs team will affix seal after they receive the copy issuance fee.
If someone other than the patient themselves is to receive the copy of medical record by credentials, such person shall submit letter of attorney, seal certificate, personal ID of the entrusted, and power of attorney for issuance of medical record copy.

How can I get the documents to be submitted to the insurance company?

Admitted patients:
Confirm with your insurance company which documents are required (mostly admission/discharge confirmation letter, diagnosis, doctor’s opinion, receipt, etc.), and request to the attending doctor or nurse office for the issuance of the documents.

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