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The Department of Laboratory Medicine (formerly Clinical Pathology) of Kyung Hee Medical Center consists of 9 sections such as clinical chemistry, diagnostic hematology, clinical microbiology, blood bank, diagnostic immunology, diagnostic molecular genetics, cytogenetics, urinalysis, and blood & other specimens' collection, We have the mission to early detect disease, to evaluate effectiveness exactly for the treatment and to estimate the prognosis of disease and to interprete the results of tests. Additionally we try to supply proper blood and components transfusion securely, and to protect hospital infection.

This Laboratory is approved as a laboratory performing highly qualified tests in all aspects by "the Korean Association of Quality Assurance for Clinical Pathology", and performs daily quality control internally using quality control specimens cleared by FDA in accordance of the documentary guideline for the exact test results.

1) The section of clinical chemistry

Main instruments:

3 Toshiba 500 autoanalyzers, 2 Rapilab 800 blood gas autoanalyzers, Access II, Triage system for cardiac markers, and Protein electropheresis analyzer.

(1) Liver function test
(2) Kidney function test
(3) Electrolyte analysis
(4) Diabetes test
(5) Protein and lipid analysis
(6) Therapeutic drug monitoring
(7) Urinalysis
(8) Blood gas analysis

2) The section of diagnostic hematology

Main instruments:

2 ADVIA 120 autoanalyzers, STAGO R, STAGO compact, and platelet function test analyzer

(1) Tests for diseases associated with red blood cell
(2) Tests for diseases associated with white blood cell
(3) Tests for diseases associated with coagulation and bleeding
(4) Bone marrow examination tests

3) The section of clinical microbiology

Main Instruments:

Microscan, Bactec 9240 blood culture system, Bactec 9140 blood culture system, Vitek 1 system

(1) Direct staining
(2) Aerobical and anaerobic culture
(3) Identification of microorganisms
(4) Antimicrobial susceptibility tests
(5) Tests for Mycobacterium tuberculosis and fungi

4) The section of diagnostic immunology

 Main instruments:

  AXSYM system, Architech i2000, BN II nephelometry, Bio-Rad Coda EIA analyzer, Modular E170, and Toshiba Accute

(1) Tests for rheumatic disease
(2) Antigen or antibody tests for various infections
(3) Tests of markers for leukemia
(4) Allergy tests
(5) Tumor marker tests
(6) Antinuclear antibody tests

5) Blood bank

 Main instruments: COBE Spectra

(1) Blood typing
(2) Irregular antibody tests
(3) Making blood components
(4) Therapeutic plasma exchange
(5) Blood donation

6) The section of diagnostic molecular genetics


HLA tests for the organ transplantation
Molecular tests for hematologic disease, infectious disease, and so on.

7) The section of cytogenetics

Chromosome studies for the detection of congenital anomalies or malignant neoplasm, etc.
Staff Specialize


Park Tae Sung

Blood, blood bank, cytogenetics


Cho Sun Yung

Clinical chemistry, diagnostic molecular genetics
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