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Kyung Hee Medical Center Department of Neurology provides specialized medical treatment of the diseases generated in nervous systems.
Because the nervous system is widely spread throughout the entire human body and is the single most important organ for a person to live a humanly life, any disorder to the nervous system causes a variety of symptoms. The consciousness disturbance that causes loss of consciousness, paralysis such as hemiplegia or paraplegia, headache and neuralgia, spasm, sensory impairment, movement disorder that causes shaky hands and feet or involuntary twist of arms and legs, visual disorder that causes double vision or amblyopia, difficulty of swallowing or frequent choking, pronunciation or lingual disorder, one sided mouth, dizziness or continuous drumming in the ear, occasional fatigue in full body, senility, intelligence disorder, and development and behavioral disorder are frequently treated symptoms in the Department of Neurology. As the nervous system diseases are very wide and various, the department is classified in a number of specialized areas.
Apoplexy field that majors in partial functional disorder or changes in consciousness such as abrupt hemiplegia, epilepsy area that treats spasm and stroke, peripheral nerve and musculo disease area that treats the diseases in peripheral nervous system or muscles, movement disease area that treats movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia field that treats lower intelligence status due to overall dysfunction of the cerebrum, nervous system infection area that specializes in the infectious diseases in the nervous system such as cerebritis and meningitis, pain area that treats headache and other various neuralgia, and nervous system oncology area that treats the tumor in nervous system are the representative areas of neurology.
Staff Specialize


Chang, Dae-Il

Stroke, celerbrovascular disease


Yoon, Sung-Sang

Headache, peripheral nerve and muscle disease, cerebrovascular disease

Ahn Tae-beom.jpg

Ahn, Tae-Bum

Parkinson`s disease, movement disorder


Park, Ki-Jeong

Dementia, behavioral disorder


Heo, Sung Hyuk

Cerebrovascular disease, stroke
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