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The medical staff of Department of Nephrology consists of the professors who have acquired the best clinical and academic achievement in various specialized fields. Each professor strives for research and education in the field of his/her own, and provides the high quality medical service by reflecting the result of such research.
The department provides specialized treatment of the primary kidney diseases (glomerulonephritis that causes nephrotic syndrome) and kidney diseases that are caused by secondary effect of holistic disease (hypertensive and diabetic kidney disease, lupus nephritis), particularly with long accumulated experience of the management and treatment of end stage kidney failure that is occurred at the last stage of all kidney diseases.
Department of Nephrology operates split treatment of various kidney diseases of the outpatients and admission patients, according to the field of specialty of each professor, thus introduces the latest medical technologies more effectively. The artificial kidney center focuses on the kidney failure patient management and education along with the hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Also, organ transplant center operates effective kidney transplant and post-transplant management in cooperation with the department of surgery and department of urology, based on long experience of kidney transplant.
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