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Kyung Hee Medical Center’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine was appointed and certified by Ministry of Labor as special health examination institute in March 1983, work environment evaluation institute in July 1991, and Occupational health service agency in May 1994, and has been striving for the prevention of disease and health promotion of the laborers since then. The health examination provided to the laborers by the Kyung Hee Medical Center’s Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine includes special health examination, general health examination, civil servants health examination, pre-placement health examination. The department is responsible for diagnosis, identification of reason, and management of various health disorders with regard to a number of hazardous factors including organic solvent and heavy metals. The health examination is conducted with in-hospital health examination and workplace health examination. Also, for the purpose of maintaining and promoting the health of local community members, the department conducts health examination, cancer examination and health examination at turning point of life course which are supported by National Institute of Health. The department has been progressing fitness for work evaluation and work associated evaluation as well as diagnosis and management of work related diseases through the outpatient division established in 2007, and is further extending its role to the diagnosis and management of environment related diseases.
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