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Welcome to Department of Urology, an affiliated hospital of Kyung Hee University, school of Medicine. Department of Urology is responsible for the treatment of the organs that create and eliminate urine such as kidney, ureter, bladder. For male, urogenital system such as prostate, seminal vesicle, seminal duct, testis, and penis are included, while urinary incontinence, voiding disorder and other sexual dysfunctions are included in case of female.
Staff Specialize


Sun Ju Lee

Primary Affiliation (or affiliated institution)
KyungHee University Medical Center

: Associate Professor of Urology

Training Programs
: Urological residency : Kyung Hee University Hospital Dept. of Urology 1987 - 1991
: Research training
: Urology of Pittsburg School of Medicine Dept. of Pharmacology 2001 - 2003

: Female Incontinence, Voiding Dysfunction Disorder, Urinary Stone

Appointment and Memberships
: Editorial board of Pan Pacific Continence Society
: A planning Executive of Korean Association of Urinary Tract Infection & Inflammation.
: An Executive of Korean Continence Society
: An active Member of the Korean Urological Association
: An active Member of the Society for Neuroscience
: A corresponding Member of the American Urological Association
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