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The history of KyungHeeMedicalCenter began on April 27, 1965 by merging with DongYang medical university. At that time, there were concerns about the inevitability of lagging the diversification of Korean medical system by approving the Oriental doctor system. The voices for the abolishment of such system were raised frequently and the Oriental medicine suffered from the low motivation and spirit for academic research. Nevertheless, Dr. Cho Young-Shik (Miwon), the founder of Kyung Hee school, established Korean medicine department after the merge of DongYang medical university, which became the turn around for Oriental medicine to be recognized as a part of academic field in modern days. The establishment of Korean medicine department was an innovative opportunity in Korean medicine industry as the new level of 3rd medicine that harmonized the medicines of West and East.

A year later, the University of Medicine was established in 1966 which was the first medical education institute that incorporated Western and Eastern medicine in Korea, and also a motive of promoting the establishment of the affiliated hospital. The affiliated hospital establishment committee (Chairman: professor Park Yang-Won) was established to progress introduction of medical facility and securement of medical staff. In 1970, it was renamed to annex hospital KyungHeeMedicalCenter and the preparation of opening was further propelled. After 6 years and 6 months of preparation, KyungHeeMedicalCenter was open on October 5th, 1971, with 30 billion won of investment to construction and modern mammoth building and state of art medical equipments as the center of East-West medicine that incorporated annexed hospital, dental hospital, and Korean medicine hospital. At the same time, an annexed East-West medicine research center was established for the creation of the 3rd medicine through the harmony of East-West medicine.

The purpose of the establishment of medical center is not only treating the patient or training doctors but also contributing to the “Rehabilitation of mankind” by defeating the disease, the public enemy of mankind. Such spirit is well recognized in the speech of Dr. Cho Young-Shik at the opening ceremony that says “KyungHeeMedicalCenter is not a private property but a property of all people and nation.” He further announced “Based on such spirit, all employees of medical center strive for promotion of national health and development of medicine by fulfilling their mission of University hospital of “education, research and medical treatment” on medicine, dentistry, and Korean medicine.
Fulfilling the leading role of creating the civilized world which is the principle of Kyung Hee school foundation (instruction) by creating new medicine (Kyung Hee medicine) that realizes harmony of East and West medicine and leading the realization of disease free world, and contributing to the realization of Utopia, the society required by all mankind.
Stretching KyungHeeMedicalCenter as the representative medical institute of Korea within 5 years ahead with the best medical service and specialized-unique character by establishing and implementing the development strategy which is to realize the specialized and unique medical institute that represents Korea, provides the best medical service, and boasts No. 1 international competitiveness.
Stretching KyungHeeMedicalCenter as the mecca of new medical science within 10 years by creating the new medicine that realizes the harmony of East and West medicine.
  1. Kyung Hee University Hospital
  2. Kyung Hee University Dental Hospital
  3. Kyung Hee University Korean Medicine Hospital
  4. Kyung Hee University East-West medical Center
  5. Medical Science Research Institute

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